You CAN manifest the business + life of your dreams, but you gotta meet the universe halfway.


You gotta get sh*t done!

As we both know, there’s plenty to choose from when starting out.

Good design. Clever copy. Solid offerings –– they’re all important, but they’re not enough if you want to have a successful online business that fuels and ignites your lifestyle.

You need systems. Automated processes, organized procedures and technological shortcuts; these are the things that make a business a BUSINESS.

They free your spirit, ease your mind and enhance your energy so you can do what really matters:

  • Create the content that changes lives
  • Continually build your knowledge + expertise
  • Persistently expand your network + social reach
  • Consistently share your message via clear communication channels
  • and the BIG one – make offers, have something for sale… every single day…

That’s it. The secret sauce responsible for just about every successful business since, oh, I don’t know –– biblical times!

Twenty years ago, you very likely would have needed a ton of capital, an army of employees and a head of gray hair to reach CEO status. Today?

Creative freedom. Global connectivity. Incredibly cheap technology –– they’re all yours for the taking.

But how do you make them work for YOU? And more importantly, how do you avoid becoming technology’s slave? That’s where I come in.

Hi, I’m Em Boden –– launch consultant, membership site queen and downright bossy boots.

I help bloggers, coaches, creatives and service-based entrepreneurs automate the “boring bits” of their businesses so they can create more products, make more money and have more fun.

In short create a LIFESTYLE not a JOB!

Here’s what you can expect from this site:

  • Inspirational interviews to get your system procrastination gone for good
  • Launch strategies and case studies
  • Short + simple systems that work
  • Powerful implementation techniques to speed-up your efforts + get the job done
  • Systematization advice for WAY more than just your calendar.(Think SEO, analytics, market research)
  • Some easy-going, Aussie humor!

Sound good?

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