Want to set up an Affiliate Program?
How to set up a rock solid affiliate program that can skyrocket your sales and subscriber base.
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✔  Step by step, how to set up a rock solid affiliate program with Ontraport.

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✔  Affiliate Planner. Plan your affiliate program and get set up quickly.

✔  Content checklist to make sure you have all your bases covered.

✔   BONUS  - 3 part affiliate strategy audio series
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Em Boden is a business systems expert.

She teaches you how to set up and outsource your listbuilding and launch systems so you can leverage, scale and profit.

Affiliate and membership sites are her first love followed closely by creative list building strategies.

A well executed affiliate JV launch can 10 x your results.

The key to her success is having a access to a solid team of assistants who can implement FAST.

Whether you know how you want to launch your next thing or have no idea Em can help you form the solid team and strategy to make your launch a success.
Julie Parker
Beautiful You Coaching Academy
"She is amazingly tech savvy and a systems pro in so many areas of online business."

Elayne Doughty
Priestess Presence
"I can honestly say your support is what has given me the space to focus on serving the world in my business..."


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