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July 17th, 2016

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How to get that ELUSIVE lifestyle they all talk about!

May 25th, 2015

You want the lifestyle yeah?

You want to change the world – get your message out and reach thousands…

Is it happening? Do you really know what it’s gonna take?

I’ll tell you lovely it’s gonna take a lot more than little ol you or me perched behind the computer night after night…. Sure there’s the one in a thousand who DO IT ALL themselves and make it BIG – But they are few and far between.

So really what is it going to take?

Well honey – you’re going to have to be OPEN

Open to what?

Open to Connection
Open to Trust
Open to Purpose
Open to Service
Open to NOT doing it all yourself…

That’s right lovely – I said it – NOT doing it all yourself…

Specifically not doing the stuff you just don’t love, you struggle with or just plain doesn’t need to be done.

If you want to up level fast and really turn this business or hobby of yours into a business you gotta be OPEN to building a team.

I know the first thing I’m going hear back is objections, I can’t afford it, I don’t know how to build a team…. ect ect ect…

Lady – there is always a way – ANYTHING is truly possible – and if you really want it – this dream lifestyle and power of change? You gotta be open….

I could list option after option of how you can build a team starting today ( yes even with limited resources) but really it’s a topic for a whole separate post.. the point is here is to get you thinking, thinking about what’s REALLY TRULY possible for you and your business right now – starting today….

Imagine if your business worked like a well oiled machine…

You creator you! You put one piece of content in one end and automatically your message or thing is spread throughout the inter webs where it can start to do what it was designed to do – change lives, make a difference, cause impact… not sit on the host gathering magical megabyte dust…

(when I say automagically I’m NOT talking about one of those weird spammy programs that jumble you up and spit you out in thousands of places I’m talking about your team)

Got a new program of offering in your head? No problem – instead of diluting your creative juices and spending hours tackling technology – how about a few clicks of the mouse and a plan appears ready for your specific details and then shuffled off to your team – only to be returned to you a day later – ready for the final touches and then LAUNCH baby LAUNCH!

It’s totally possible and if you want grab more info on how this is possible – think systems, automations and a team then come on over and LIKE me to hang out on Facebook at and get more inspo on how you can create a LIFESTYLE not a job!

One last note lovely…

Your Job? Your Job is just to show up and be YOU – every single day, you complete with your flaws and your genius…. EVERY SINGLE DAY….


Step Away From Technology Time

May 22nd, 2015

Do you find yourself comparing yourself to others as you scroll through your Facebook feeds?

I was supposed to be writing some copy and I got randomly caught up on Facebook.

I HATE it – I hate that I compare myself to others – I hate that their pretty pictures and cute words have the power to make me feel smaller than I know myself to be.

Most of all I hate the time suck that I’ve been pulled into – quality time that’s ll for me, that I could be using to create awesome content, do awesome work for clients or hell even watch some primetime TV.

All that – that could have happened – didn’t happen. Cause I got “caught” in the FB feed.

I’m not sure yet what to do about it – do I put in time to set up some systems to filter out that which I do not wish to see? (those who know me know I’m a systems kinda gal) But truly we can’t control any of what we see on social media really. And truly I am desensitized ALOT to what goes around (working with many online business does that) But still I get triggered again and again.

There will be types that will tell me “look within” it’s a mirror and I totally respect and get that (in fact there’s heaps of value in that advice) but ya know – I ain’t got time for navel gazing or tapping these days. I got awesome to cause, sites to build, knowledge to teach…

So for now as soon as I get the inkling of comparison or judging myself – it’s
Step Away from Technology Time

Yep, up and leave, change my physical state – have a quick walk or something then come back (not to Facebook) – get in the zone, get in flow and let that genius out doing what I have been put here to do.

And that’s NOT paralysis by comparison that’s for sure.

I’m here to support and enable as many women as possible to create lifestyles they love using the vehicle of online business (however that looks for you)
And it’s FUN, it’s FLOW it’s what I love and NEED to do!

Have a great Tuesday all and remember when comparisonitis creeps in

Oh and if you want a non comparisony place to come and get your biz inspo come hang with me over at my biz page


Not Everyone is Cut Out to be an Entrepreneur…

May 21st, 2015

At least not right away.

You’ve got an idea and a passion… but do you have what it takes to take it all the way to be creating a regular income day in day our from it? (whether that be passively or via service)

Do you have the money it takes to get something off the ground?
Sure you don’t need money to get something of the ground – but if you don’t have money then you better have time and a lot of tenacity….

Cause that’s what it’s gonna take.

What’s the time for? Well to do it all yourself… to learn it all yourself… Don’t get me wrong as Ms Marie Forleo says which I LOVE “Everything is Figureoutable” And for sure it is – but it takes time and energy to do so – I know I’ve been that route many a time… And I’m glad I did because now? I think up a new offer… No Problem – I can get it live in 5 if I really want! New website same deal ect..

Tenacity – well really what that’s about? It’s about keeping going, never ever giving up and keeping your dream alive over time! And the best way to do that – surround yourself with people who are DOING what you want to be DOING, who are getting the results ect…

So to surround yourself you can buy into an awesome mastermind or if you are lucky enough be invited in but when you are just starting out that’s probably not an option!

What if there was another way… a way were you could do both? Earn – learn AND hone your skills along the way? Help to build and run someone else’s business so you earn (Now we’re talking entry level pay here $20 -$40 depending on your present skill set) That’s the earn part.

Learn – be part of successful launches and traffic generating campaigns not to mention all the nitty gritty that goes into running a successful online business daily! There’s your learning on a plate!

Dreams – Be part of other heart centered businesses whose sole purpose is to KEEP DREAMS alive and build women up! How’s that for daily inspiration?

I’ve been the path I describe above and am now launching into my own leadership with just a few select clients.

I now have too many work requests to handle for the above described situations – I’m on the hunt for a particular type of women.

A women that knows it’s all possible but also knows it’s going to take time and resources that they may not have right now. I women that doesn’t mind being part of someone else’s revolution for the time being – (note this is important, I don’t want women who are in it for the short term i.e. 3 – 6 months) I want women who see this as a part time possibility for themselves over the next few years. Ie this work is not hugely demanding on your time – most clients only require 5-10 hrs per week of assistance. So really you could manage 2 easy AND still work your own business.

It’s an opportunity – an opportunity while you learn and hone your online marketing skills.

If this sounds like something you want to know more about then get in touch with me.

If it sounds like something you wanna learn more about then hit me up via email


Alternatively if you’re a business owner NOW and you need help and this message has really jibed with you hit me up as well… I’ve got some exciting things coming to fulfill EVERYONE’s needs in this area!

I believe…Freedom, Online Tools and Wellness

April 25th, 2015

Freedom and Money

I believe that you CAN make a living in a flexible way
I believe you can find out ANYTHING you want to know with just a little googling
I believe there are a 100 ways to MAKE it online
I believe that you can support your family online
I believe you can make a living on the internet
I believe the internet is the biggest gift we have
I believe to have a “lifestyle” business you need a team
I believe in relationships above all else
I believe success is a mind game
I believe not everyone is an entrepreneur right away
I believe the “what’s so” (measured reality) is often better than you think


I believe ONTRAPORT is the best all in one solution if you run membership sites and affiliate programs
I believe to own the platform is best – i.e. a custom hosted wordpress site
I believe a business owner should be able to send their email list an email (but doesn’t necessarily have to -JUST KNOW HOW LADY!)
I believe you don’t need a lot to start you just have to start
I believe chasing bright shiny objects (new tools and systems) will get you no where fast
I believe implementing some super simple systems right from the start of your online journey can save you so much time and money


I believe there’s a gut brain connection
I believe how you feel is directly related to what you eat
I believe the current way of eating as presented to the wider society is making us sick and disempowered
I believe the grain free and sugar free way of eating is best for me and my family
I believe that honey and dates are awesome!
I believe that food dictates how you feel and your capacity for action
I believe the gut is the second brain
I believe most disease starts in the gut