The Dream Team Collective

Join me in my Elite Inner Level Mentoring and Implementation Mastermind and Get Your Tech Done, Your Strategy Sorted and Your Ideas Brought to Life to Create a Lifestyle not a Job with Freedom, Ease and Deep Connectedness!

Are you ready for this?

Are you a semi successful or almost successful online business owner sitting down?

If you’ve been around the traps abit you’ll know what I’m about to offer you is UNHEARD of in high end mentoring and group coaching.

Let’s back up for a sec...

You’re an online business owner with heart and soul?

(Geez you put it into your work very single day)


Do you have ideas and programs coming out of your ears but no time or skill or $ to actually implement them?

(Yep, that’s me!)


Do you crave a 5 to 6 figure income asap?

Who doesn't?


And are willing to do the work if only it was just a little bit easier and less confusing?


Great. You better read on...

Are you done with the limited access blah de blah di blah?


Are you done with paying big money for talk and nothing but?


Are you done playing small and want to step up in a big way?


That’s in business AND in life?


Are you done with all the 2 hr long strategy sessions that leave you more confused than when you started?


Are you done being told on said strategy sessions you’ve got to fork out an other couple of K just to get started?


Are you done with people telling you about this and that bright shiny new online tool?


Are you done with the group and the inaccessibility of traditional group coaching/masterminding?


Are you done with being invisible?

You are? Awesome! Cause I’m JUST getting started!

Group Mentoring like you’ve never seen before with a price and package to match!
Part mentor, part mastermind, part strategist  - 100% implementation!

That’s my new very personal, very awesome elite inner circle and the ONLY way to work with me privately in 2015!

You see something was missing...


I got the systems (they call me the systems queen)

I got the eye for detail (that’s why they pay me the big bucks)

While keeping the big picture in mind (to keep you focused)

I’ve got the tools

I’ve had and done the training

I keep up with the industry latest

But what I haven’t had is…. YOU - You over there with the big ass bold business dreams and take action attitude to match.


You who might not have the tech know how but sure as hell you ain’t letting that stop you - you’re out there changing lives.


You who inspires others every day and you whom I’m meant to support, up level and guide - because in doing so and in being around you every single day (truly that’s not an exaggeration, although maybe I do take the odd Sunday off) through being around you I become more - I get supported - I get uplevelled - I get inspired and most of all I get massive fulfillment and joy from YOUR business success.

Let me explain a little further...

For the past 10 years I’ve been helping online business owners reach new heights (basically make more cash) in their online business. Some have resonated with me a little, some none at all and some - well you know who you are and you rock my WORLD!


We’re talking 5 & 6 figure launches, 1000’s of new subscribers, gorgeous new websites, membership sites and countless systems aimed to do 2 things - make life easier and make more money.


And now finally I see the missing piece for you and me and that’s CONNECTION - real deep and meaningful connection where I’m not just a employee, a coach or mentor - or the woman who get’s shit done for you - but a partnership of equals amongst a group of kick ass women all working toward the same thing in their business. Success and success on their terms - meaning a LIFE. A life outside of WordPress and Facebook, Instagram and Autoresponders. Of course to build a business and life you LOVE you’ll still need those tools but lets have them work FOR YOU not you for working them.


Cause Freedom Honey? The only way it’s ever gone come is if you MASTER these systems, make them work for you, be in FLOW with them not against, not another thing you have to do, to check off. And FREEDOM honey? It’s gonna take a team… eventually and you know it - deep down you no that time will come.

So Change Maker and Big Dreamer? Why not make that happen NOW?

Right now!

A team


A mentor who’s willing to go all in with you - to get up close and personal? To give you the attention you need?

Whoaaa you might be thinking… how can this chick - who I’ve pretty much never heard of give me all that?

Well honey listen up and see exactly how it’s possible for you right NOW.

First a bit of background - Again for the last 7 years I’ve managed all sorts of online businesses and naturally through that I’ve managed OTHER people.


Yes - people being

Website developers - even though I can build a website myself

SEO and Content Writers - even thug I believe you should write your message yourself

Graphic Designers - to make things purtyyy

VA’s - for the boring bits

and of course YOU the online business owner


Did you know that the block for most small businesses when they start up levelling and building a team is usually the business owner?


One - Because they have deep seated beliefs about what’s possible for them and their business - That’s where a strategist and someone to call you on your shit is handy!

Two - Because they can’t let go of the control - Yes the classic no one can do it better than me syndrome… Again someone to call you on your shit and REMIND you what it is that you want - a successful business and a lifestyle to match.


and Three - This ones the kicker - They don’t know how to ask for what they need. Ie the language, the strategy skills - the downright people skills to clearly and quickly communicate exactly what it is they need done, how and by when

This is where I can help

I’m putting together an elite group of women to work together, up level and create MASSIVE success in business all whilst having a lifestyle - such that this whole online thing is supposed to deliver...

So how we gonna do that?

First things first

I’ll be straight up - the number one thing most people struggle with is the tech - I’m going to take that off the table right away - what do I mean? By becoming a member of The Dream Team Collective you get tech - delivered to you, done for you on a plate. Let me break it down.

The Strategy

That’s where you and me and the whole group will play - we’ll brainstorm, you’ll learn, we’ll strategise - what’s the next best strategy I can implement into my business right now for x results? All based on what’s working now in the current online space.

The Plan

This ain’t a write it and forget it plan - this is measurable goals that we turn into a steps by step checklist that then needs to be implemented - like yesterday. Don’t worry I’ll be providing the checklist, you just need to add your personal information and message to it.

The Implementation

I’ve got a team, and soon they’ll be your team. They’ll be on standby to implement and deliver said plan. And not next month, not next week but ASAP. In fact I guarantee we’ll be waiting on you not the other way round

(and don’t worry it’s not a race, there’s no forcing, no pressure just loving but firm reminders on what you gotta do to get to where you want to go)

The Wrap Up

Most people launch something then don’t actually review how it goes. I think there’s value in dealing with reality - the what’s so in such an intangible world as the internet - so we’ll be reviewing things on a regular basis - things that worked - we do more of - things that don’t, we cut em loose. Not to worry as there’s always...

Rinse and Repeat!

the above as needed for as long as you remain a member.

So in real life how’s this all going to look?

But that’s the very point - I have ALOT to give, we all do… and I’ve finally pulled together how I can give ALOT to many more!

So what is it going take for you and I to start this journey together - the journey to a business and LIFESTYLE you really love?

  • You could hire a website design and development team. That’ll cost you minimum $1500 per site (for a decent one)
  • You could hire a VA for $500 -$1000 a month. Believe me you’ll waste a lot of time, energy and money going that route unless you have systems in place and know EXACTLY what you need from them.
  • You could hire a business coach/mentor - Let’s be generous for $1000 - $1500 a month ( and we all know the good ones cost a lot more right)
  • You could hire an expert in any given area for anything from $1000 a month to $1000 an hr (but would you use that hr to it’s full potential...)

My point is you basically get ALL of the above and MORE - remember you get the whole connection thing - for $1499 a month.


That’s right all the tech stuff sorted, all the strategy sorted (and that’s personalized strategy hear.. I don’t do cookie cutter) all the systems and all the business coaching.


Get Started Now

I know this is not an undertaking to be taken lightly my lovely but it is an undertaking that needs to be acted on asap - how long is your lifestyle going to wait for you? How long are your kids and loved ones going to wait to get more of you? - how long are you going to keep up the momentum the fire that’s needed to build a successful business? I know the answer and it’s not one you want to hear...


I know this program is the piece that has been missing for you and your business, a way to grow it, get strategy and get it DONE.

So here it is beautiful - delivered to you on a plate…

Shall I wrap it up in a shiny red bow?

How about I do this instead?

For the first 5 members who join me in The Dream Team Collective:

I’m going to cut the monthly price to $999 FOREVER! (forever that you are a member that is)

For the first 10 members:

I’m going to throw in a 2.5 hr program plan and launch strategy session - that’s right we’ll go through your existing or future programs pick one and come up with a plan to unleash it to the world asap - that’s right if it needs building we’ll build it, if it needs selling we’ll get the sales and email marketing plan sorted and make it happen - you could earn your first months investment back before you even start if you take action now!

For EVERYONE who joins me in this very special first time offering:

You’ll receive a 30 min on boarding call with me to clear any cobwebs and get yourself switched on.

The collective is limited.

My capacity for this initial offering is 15.

15 special ladies ready to send their special out into the world in a MUCH bigger way.

Oh a couple of extra things...

For everyone who’s a member you get access to a huge training library - that includes complimentary access to any new programs I create (Your Own Luxe Launch is live June 1st 2015 - it’s a premium COMPLETE training on how to launch, create and build your online program into the world so it not only delivers great content but LOOKS totally luxe as well) and some other extended training programs that are on the cards too.

You’ll also get DEEPLY discounted access to any of my in person training days that are launching shortly.

Also - I hate ties and really this is a no strings offer. You can leave at any time. Ideally this is a long term relationship think 6 - 12 months - or however long it takes for your business to reach the level that you need your very own right hand person and full time tech team - but hey you might decide to stay even then! But as I say it’s no strings - you can cancel at anytime - just let me know before your next payment cycle date and I’ll make it happen. I hope it doesn’t, I don’t plan on it happening… but you know life happens… so it's there as an option.

So my big dreamer, change maker! What’s it going be?

Are you in?

Get Started Now

I’d be absolutely honored to work with you, to guide you, to build your business WITH you.

Regardless thank you, thank you for spending time with me and if you have any questions you need answering please feel free to email [email protected] and I’ll get back to you.

Until next time



In case the weird arrow thing didn't really work for you here's the breakdown of what you get when you become a inaugural member of The Dream Team Collective