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I believe…Freedom, Online Tools and Wellness

April 25th, 2015

Freedom and Money

I believe that you CAN make a living in a flexible way
I believe you can find out ANYTHING you want to know with just a little googling
I believe there are a 100 ways to MAKE it online
I believe that you can support your family online
I believe you can make a living on the internet
I believe the internet is the biggest gift we have
I believe to have a “lifestyle” business you need a team
I believe in relationships above all else
I believe success is a mind game
I believe not everyone is an entrepreneur right away
I believe the “what’s so” (measured reality) is often better than you think


I believe ONTRAPORT is the best all in one solution if you run membership sites and affiliate programs
I believe to own the platform is best – i.e. a custom hosted wordpress site
I believe a business owner should be able to send their email list an email (but doesn’t necessarily have to -JUST KNOW HOW LADY!)
I believe you don’t need a lot to start you just have to start
I believe chasing bright shiny objects (new tools and systems) will get you no where fast
I believe implementing some super simple systems right from the start of your online journey can save you so much time and money


I believe there’s a gut brain connection
I believe how you feel is directly related to what you eat
I believe the current way of eating as presented to the wider society is making us sick and disempowered
I believe the grain free and sugar free way of eating is best for me and my family
I believe that honey and dates are awesome!
I believe that food dictates how you feel and your capacity for action
I believe the gut is the second brain
I believe most disease starts in the gut