Join Me… and I’ll personally guide you to Systemise Your Business, Get Shit Done, Make More Money and Have More Time (and a lot of fun along the way!)


What is this?

This page is the gateway to a whole lot more time, money and ease in your online business.

It’s an invitation to connect and build strong relationships with other woman entrepreneurs.

To gain confidence and skills in running a team and outsourcing your online business activities.

To finally go pro with your launches and offerings.

To value your time and energy.

To get the support and service you really need.

Let me explain further

It’s a hybrid of mastermind and service. A group program of accountability, empowerment and connection combined with personalised 1 on 1 attention and your own VA to work on your business with you.

It’s the best of both world’s.

A bridge between the ongoing permanent investment of a full time team member and doing it all yourself.

And now who am I and why should you stick around?

I’m Em Boden and I’ve been around online business for the last 9 years working in all areas from Google AdWords and Analytics to VA management and outsourcing to various countries to full blown launches and membership sites. I’ve worked with many many many female entrepreneurs over the past few years. And some interesting men as well!

Over the past 3 months alone I’ve launched on average for my clients one new program a fortnight as well as worked on dozens of membership sites and online businesses over the past year.

I’ve created over 500 online business systems and training videos.

Strategy and planning are so important and can be fun and empowering when done the right way. Most people fail to plan and in doing so plan to fail.

The beautiful thing is - this program will offer you accountability and discipline like you’ve never experienced before. because you’ve got a team member to help you get shit done you gotta be able to communicate what that whiz is you want done - and in doing so you then have a plan and dealings to meet.

For the longest time I’ve wanted to combine my technical skills, vast online business experience and knowledge with intimate and transformative relationships and conversations. I want to build a small community (no more than 10 people) who uplift and empower each other while giving solace from the sometimes very lonely way of the solo entrepreneur. And now is the time - the time is right for me to bring this mastermind to life and in doing so help you build a lifestyle business that truly is a “lifestyle” business!

So what exactly does this mastermind include?

Glad you asked, read on for all the details.

  • An initial 2hr deep dive strategy and planning 1 on 1 session with Em
  • 2 group calls a month of about 60 min (We’ll stay on the call until all questions are answered!) One of the calls per month will be loosely themed with a presentation. One call is a hot seat style where we work on individual problems.
  • 1 x 60 min 1 on 1 call per month - we can talk strategy and systems, traffic generation or build your next website
  • 24/7 Private Facebook Community - use it like a water cooler when you need to take a break! Get valuable reviews and feedback from your fellow participants.
  • Access to online marketing trainings from my huge library I’ve amassed over the years.
  • Access to my tech team at the discount rate of $25 per hour. That’s right you can use them to build your next membership site, sales page whatever! Please note this does not include branding! I strongly suggest that you invest in a great brand and language style guide as this can inform all your future offerings and YES with a strong style guide we can create sales pages, social media imagery ect at very low prices or included in your VA time. I have reasonably priced design contacts that I can refer you to as well.

During our personal 1 on 1 sessions what can you help me with?


Want to add more “lifestyle” to your lifestyle business? Let’s work on systems and the 80/20 rule - that is let’s get you doing the 20% you have to do to run your business while the other 80% can be taken care of by someone else. (and no this doesn't have to involve expensive contractors for every little thing)


Been thinking of building an online program? I’m all over it. I can guide and help you set up your membership plugins, your member email communication and the general layout and flow of your membership site and launch. I can refer you to designers if you are ready to go totally pro or suggest cost effective ways to get some great images created that totally complement your brand. I can get you sorted with an easy inexpensive affiliate program and advise on the best ways to take payment for your shiny new thing!


Want to launch an online program?  We can nut out exactly what it’s going to take and put a plan of action together to get you launched asap. We’ll work on a launch calendar that your VA can help you implement as well as brainstorm growth opportunities to grow your list, and increase your sales. I’ll even review your email and sales copy - heck if you want on a call we can jam out your ENTIRE sales page if that’s what you need!

So what can you expect from this mastermind?

5 hrs per week of dedicated VA time fully documented.

A TeamworkPM project dedicated to you and your business. Learn the ropes of running a effective project management system - hint LESS is more

Each month a new system notebook detailing whatever new system has been added to your business. This is INVALUABLE - you’re basically going to be putting together your procedure manual while getting shit done for you! How cool is that!

Insert list of procedure manuals we may cover.

Social Media

Google +


Email management
Calendar management
Appointment scheduling management


Uploading new content
Your sales funnel


Autoresponder management

Strategy and Results

Weekly tracking of FB, Google Analytics and Newsletter activity
Sales funnel strategy
Launch strategy
Action Plans

Your Brand

Visual Style Guide
Language Style Guide
Ideal Customer Guide


are just some of the procedure manuals you’ll put together.


In the meantime while you work on the above procedures why not actually get a shitload done in your business while learning to manage a team member? You’ll get started by using your VA time on some of the below:


Tasks you might get your VA to spend time on


Uploading and formatting blog posts

Creating, scheduling social media updates (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google +)

Uploading newsletters (Aweber, Mailchimp, Ontraport)

Tracking the results of your online business each week

Guest blog research and tracking


Uploading content to your wordpress membership sites

Simple filtering of emails

Set up a resource of frequently used emails for quick access by you

Are you a good fit for this mastermind?

  • You have an established online business
  • You are making some money in your online or coaching business, you know your biz has the potential to go far you just need some support taking it to the next level.
  • You have a clear brand or are willing to spend the time and $ to get clear on your brand
  • You are a “take responsibility” for your own life type of woman! Ie you know that your experience of life and business is a direct result of your creation (of course you may need reminding of that sometimes but you re are open to that kind of straight talk.)
  • You enjoy contributing to others and are open to new ideas and ways of being and doing.

Who this mastermind is NOT for

  • Whiner, blamers and non action takers
  • Anyone who put their experience of life onto others
  • If you are really unclear on what your business and offerings are. Of course if you a truly committed and feel called to this mastermind then you are welcome to apply just know that your $ results will be slower then if you have existing sales offers you truly love and care about in place.
  • Happy with where they currently are at with no desire to add more lifestyle to their lifestyle business

Let’s break the value down for you

- 20 hrs per month of VA time

Let’s talk about this for a sec – a good VA will set you back $30 an hr at least and I doubt they’ll come with the skills and expertise you have access to with say a $70 an hour VA – So you get the best of both worlds with a solid VA you don’t have to train and access to all of my expertise – The conservative value of this is based on $25 an hr –  Value – $500

- 1 x 1 on 1 call with Em 60 min per month – The ONLY way to work with me these days is through the mastermind or by purchasing a block of hours. Min value $250

- 2 x 60 min group calls per month. Value $250

- 24/7 Facebook Community. Value Priceless – the connections and info you’ll be exposed to in here will change your life. But hey we’re talking numbers so I’ll be in the group at least once a day Mon – Fri which gives you about $600 a month worth of my time.

- Access to online marketing trainings from my online library. $1,000’s

- Access to my tech team at the discount rate of $25 per hour. An average saving of $15 an hr on any tech project you need done.

That’s not including your BONUS

Initial 2 hr 1 on 1 session – $250


Total Monthly Value $ 1,600 +

So what kind of $ investment are we talking here?

Aha - I knew that was coming! But hey I like to be honest and also I know for some this group is the perfect fit and for other’s they’re way past it or not quite there yet - However if you’re drawn to this group I’d prefer if you could enter your details below and let's jump on the phone together.


Insert apply for complimentary session form below


But I will tell you this the monthly investment is MORE than $500 dollars a month (hey that’s the included amount of VA time you get to get shit done! See winning! already...)   But it’s way less than $1500 a month. There’s a couple of different options depending on the timeframe you choose to commit to and the extras you want available to you.


So if that sounds interesting let’s get on a call together and I’ll really paint the picture of how we can work together to give you MORE RESULTS, MORE LIFESTYLE and MORE EASE in your online business.

Apply Here...

The call will take approximately 30 min and I guarantee you’ll walk away with tons of ideas buzzing around in your head whatever the outcome. (Oh the call is absolutely free!)

Regardless I’d love to get to know you better so head on over to my Facebook page and say hi! 🙂

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Frequently Asked Questions

Eeek I’m so disorganised and I like to go with the flow. Is this program for me?


On the contriver my dear - system set you free I like to say and you’ll find that structure will allow you more space and more time to do the things you truly enjoy and that truly drive your business forward.