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Not Everyone is Cut Out to be an Entrepreneur…

May 21st, 2015

At least not right away.

You’ve got an idea and a passion… but do you have what it takes to take it all the way to be creating a regular income day in day our from it? (whether that be passively or via service)

Do you have the money it takes to get something off the ground?
Sure you don’t need money to get something of the ground – but if you don’t have money then you better have time and a lot of tenacity….

Cause that’s what it’s gonna take.

What’s the time for? Well to do it all yourself… to learn it all yourself… Don’t get me wrong as Ms Marie Forleo says which I LOVE “Everything is Figureoutable” And for sure it is – but it takes time and energy to do so – I know I’ve been that route many a time… And I’m glad I did because now? I think up a new offer… No Problem – I can get it live in 5 if I really want! New website same deal ect..

Tenacity – well really what that’s about? It’s about keeping going, never ever giving up and keeping your dream alive over time! And the best way to do that – surround yourself with people who are DOING what you want to be DOING, who are getting the results ect…

So to surround yourself you can buy into an awesome mastermind or if you are lucky enough be invited in but when you are just starting out that’s probably not an option!

What if there was another way… a way were you could do both? Earn – learn AND hone your skills along the way? Help to build and run someone else’s business so you earn (Now we’re talking entry level pay here $20 -$40 depending on your present skill set) That’s the earn part.

Learn – be part of successful launches and traffic generating campaigns not to mention all the nitty gritty that goes into running a successful online business daily! There’s your learning on a plate!

Dreams – Be part of other heart centered businesses whose sole purpose is to KEEP DREAMS alive and build women up! How’s that for daily inspiration?

I’ve been the path I describe above and am now launching into my own leadership with just a few select clients.

I now have too many work requests to handle for the above described situations – I’m on the hunt for a particular type of women.

A women that knows it’s all possible but also knows it’s going to take time and resources that they may not have right now. I women that doesn’t mind being part of someone else’s revolution for the time being – (note this is important, I don’t want women who are in it for the short term i.e. 3 – 6 months) I want women who see this as a part time possibility for themselves over the next few years. Ie this work is not hugely demanding on your time – most clients only require 5-10 hrs per week of assistance. So really you could manage 2 easy AND still work your own business.

It’s an opportunity – an opportunity while you learn and hone your online marketing skills.

If this sounds like something you want to know more about then get in touch with me.

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