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Step Away From Technology Time

May 22nd, 2015

Do you find yourself comparing yourself to others as you scroll through your Facebook feeds?

I was supposed to be writing some copy and I got randomly caught up on Facebook.

I HATE it – I hate that I compare myself to others – I hate that their pretty pictures and cute words have the power to make me feel smaller than I know myself to be.

Most of all I hate the time suck that I’ve been pulled into – quality time that’s ll for me, that I could be using to create awesome content, do awesome work for clients or hell even watch some primetime TV.

All that – that could have happened – didn’t happen. Cause I got “caught” in the FB feed.

I’m not sure yet what to do about it – do I put in time to set up some systems to filter out that which I do not wish to see? (those who know me know I’m a systems kinda gal) But truly we can’t control any of what we see on social media really. And truly I am desensitized ALOT to what goes around (working with many online business does that) But still I get triggered again and again.

There will be types that will tell me “look within” it’s a mirror and I totally respect and get that (in fact there’s heaps of value in that advice) but ya know – I ain’t got time for navel gazing or tapping these days. I got awesome to cause, sites to build, knowledge to teach…

So for now as soon as I get the inkling of comparison or judging myself – it’s
Step Away from Technology Time

Yep, up and leave, change my physical state – have a quick walk or something then come back (not to Facebook) – get in the zone, get in flow and let that genius out doing what I have been put here to do.

And that’s NOT paralysis by comparison that’s for sure.

I’m here to support and enable as many women as possible to create lifestyles they love using the vehicle of online business (however that looks for you)
And it’s FUN, it’s FLOW it’s what I love and NEED to do!

Have a great Tuesday all and remember when comparisonitis creeps in

Oh and if you want a non comparisony place to come and get your biz inspo come hang with me over at my biz page