Join Me in My Systems Smackdown School

and Automate the Shiz Out of Your Biz to

Save Time, $ and Energy, Without the Fluff, Filler or BS!

Hello change maker, big dreamer, online business owner...

You’re here to change the world but the only thing you seem to be changing lately is business optin, or your mind constantly….

You’re pulled in 20 different online directions all promising extreme traffic and 6 figure incomes - you don’t know who to trust or you trust them all and you’re ending up totally overwhelmed, stressed and behind.

You need a system and a community who has your back - always!

You need a systems and business strategist in your pocket. One preferably that provides premium tested training to build the solid foundation that your online business needs to support massive growth all the while maintaining power and personality in your business and giving you more LIFESTYLE to boot!

A community of likeminded online business owners who support, uplift and learn from each other.

Full systems and training that you can literally copy and paste to do yourself or send to your VA to implement for you.

It’s basically your very own process manual for your online business.

Systems Smackdown School will:

  • allow you to stop second guessing and trawling the internet for the best ways to do things online.
  • give you an amazing foundation to ship things fast in your business and get results quickly.
  • save you sooo much money, time and stress.
  • Save Money

    For Example

    One of my systems will save you $100’s if not thousands on branding and visual communication costs all the while presenting you in a totally pro, fresh and sleek online identity.

  • Saves Time

    Imagine dreaming up a project over night and then shipping it the very next day? With the systems and tools I share with you once you get them in place – shipping new offers and optins are easy and can be done in half the time.

  • Less Stress

    With so many bright shiny objects floating around the interwebs it’s easy to be overwhelmed and get stuck treading water while you look for that perfect solution! With me on your team you’ll no longer spend hours trawling the internet but instead will get recommendations on the tried and tested systems and how you can implement them NOW.

Do you have a VA or right hand person and are struggling to communicate what you want them to do?

Or worse – you’re letting them go off and spend YOUR valuable time and dollars doing exactly what they think is best?

Struggle no more.


I’ve spent the last 7 years managing VA’s of all different capabilities as well as being one myself so I know how best to present a task to get the best possible outcome for you.

I know exactly what you CAN and should eventually be outsourcing as well as what you most definitely should not be outsourcing as well as tons of tips, tricks and resources for hiring the best people.

The number one reason I care so deeply

about systems and automations is because I firmly believe that to truly have an online business that gives you a LIFESTYLE and not just another job in disguise are 2 things.

Systems and a team.


One naturally leads to the other and I see such a gap with my clients and how they go about trying to turn their online business into a lifestyle business. Ie spending thousands of dollars with cowboy VA services who are virtually setting you up with a overseas VA who can’t communicate and they are paying literally $5 an hr while keeping what they are charging YOU $25+ an hr all to themselves. All the whilst not providing any up to date training, having very little in the field experience themselves and quite frankly being a total danger to you and your business. Most “VA’s” will not work with you to make sure the foundations of your business in place and in not doing so will cost you thousand’s off dollars due to double work, and inefficient work practises. I care because I know what’s like to be just starting out in your business – once you’ve paid for all the fancy pants ego based courses teaching you how to become an overnight sensation you’ve got very little left in your pocket for the day to day running of the business let alone getting new clients.


Hello.. what was this lifestyle business they told me all about?


I guarantee the majority of coaches and speakers out there spruiking the LIFESTYLE business angle do indeed have a lifestyle business but what they neglect to tell you is they are usually doing it with a team that sometimes costs in the 5 digits a MONTH to keep running. So back to lil old you sitting at your computer working nights and weekends or whatever little time the kids will give you...


What are you supposed to do to create that elusive LIFESTYLE business?


  By learning to work SMART not HARD. By sucking it up and learning a thing or two about what you can do to make things easier on yourself and then by jove switching on the computer and getting the systems in place. Then when you reach a level where the income is coming in and you feel it’s appropriate bring in a part time person to help you with the things you just don’t love. Then over time increase the time and maybe even get a few different people to help you out.


With the systems and automations I teach in place bringing these new people and training them up is going to be a breeze.


Which brings me to another huge pitfall when you start to outsouce some of your work. Finding and keeping good people! I can’t tell you how many business owners I've spoken to with a VA horror story. "Ooh we invested so much time and money in this person then they up and left." "They stayed with us for 6 months, learnt all they could then left and started up their own business in a similar niche." "They were great for a while then they just were missing in communication once a week then twice a week then daily… I don’t know what happened…"

Keep Talking - this is kinda sounding familiar...


If you want to save serious time and money in your online business and if you want to shorten the learning curve to hiring an assistant and getting that LIFESTYLE business a hell of a lot sooner then read on.

You started this online business thing with the dream right?

The dream of pretty much not working – or working very little and watching the dollars roll in..

Somewhere along the way tho it turned into a job and not a true business – not a scalable business making money, impacting lives and allowing you to do what you most want to do in life – and in reality you don’t mind working – you’re not afraid of it that’s for sure – you just want to work on YOUR Terms doing what you love and make good money for it.

If you love what you do then you never work another day in your life! I absolutely believe that’s true and right now for me that’s true probably 80% of the time.

Well princess it’s all totally available for you – you just have to get the systems in place to MAKE IT HAPPEN.

OK I believe you - what have you got for me?


The Systems Smackdown School otherwise known as SSS.

Here's what you get:

  • 1 System’s Training per week (Checklist, Video and Email Reminder) for super easy implementation
  • 1 Group call per month (Ask Me Anything about Online Business) Recorded and I stay on the line until ALL questions are answered
  • Private Community for Reviews,Questions, and Requests for Specific Training
  • Bonus Expert Interviews around Traffic Generation Techniques with NEW accompanying checklists and systems.

I’m keeping this simple.


You could go out and buy a full course or several on this stuff, download it to your computer and then never really implement it let alone watch the videos.

I’m breaking it down, way down – just one itty bitty thing per week and you’ll have a fabulous foundation for growth in next to no time.

You have real time access to me as well as other business owners on the same track as you – great for sharing resources and good people – who knows you may even be able to timeshare a VA?

With my bonus expert interview and accompanying systems and checklists you’ll not only be able to stay abreast of the latest traffic techniques online but you’ll have the paint by numbers checklist to actually get it implemented like… this week.

The SSS program is for women who are taking their business seriously – they know this business is something they have to do – They's do it even if they weren't getting paid. They’re not afraid to get their hands dirty and they know to have the business of their dreams along with all the financial and fulfilment rewards they ARE going to need support.

As I have said you don’t need to have a team right now – you can be doing it all yourself and frankly you’ll see huge benefits along with the power that comes with knowing exactly how your business works and what it needs to do to turn a profit.

This program is for the woman that may already have a team but quite frankly she doesn’t quite know what they do and in fact she’s pretty sure she’s getting ripped off on a daily basis. But if they left her she’d be screwed because she doesn’t know how they do what they do and how would she communicate it to the next person?

So Em - who are you? How come I haven't heard of you before?

EM Head Shot Fun Small


That's because I've been head down bum up working on other amazing entrepreneurs businesses like yourself.

Here's abit about me: I finished school and did really well but I didn’t really have  much direction - I just took the first university course I got into (as all my friends were headed there too and I just wanted to get the hell out of the small town I lived in)

However after a year of partying I decided it wasn’t for me and I dropped out to travel the world. After a year of travelling I had seen enough to realise you don’t need to go to university to create a great career and a great life...

I started working random jobs in hospitality, retail act and finally stumbled upon the idea of working on the internet.

This was 10 years ago and I was absolutely fascinated with the whole concept! I spent all my spare time learning everything I possibly could about websites, paid advertising and SEO.

Over time I had different people come to me and ask me to help with all different aspects of their online business but primarily in the realm of automation so they could really tap into the power of technology….

So I did and it just kept going and going and over time I really began to see the immense power and possibility of a well set up and automated online business.

After I had my daughter in 2012 I started purely freelancing and managing other people’s launches and systems.

I could see and feel the freedom that working an online business could give myself and my new family. As a woman and a mother we have so many demands on our time and mostly we only have a limited capacity for getting 1 on 1 work done.

First hand over the last 6 months I’ve personally managed and overseen over $350,000 in AUTOMATED online sales as well as launched over 15 membership sites and 6 affiliate programs.

Now I am stepping into my power as a leader and believer in what I do online for others and I want to help you to do the same.

The first step in that is setting you up with an amazing foundation for you online business that will support you now (i.e. free up your time and generate more sales) and in the future (with whatever growth you want to have for your business!) 

I love this stuff and I love what systems and automations can do for you and your life! 


The Systems Smackdown School

This is the program I wish I’d had when I started may years ago and it’s the program I wish all my clients had completed BEFORE they started spending thousands on fancy websites and expensive advertising campaigns – certainly before they hired another expensive team member.

Quite frankly I haven’t seen anything quite like it online and particularly not one delivered with heart and soul by a woman who just gets this business is more than a paycheck, it’s a way to fulfilment and full self expression.

So what’s it going to take to get in on the action and start creating a lifestyle not a job?

You could pay me or someone like me $100+ an hr to set things up.

You could pay another OBM or VA $40 - $60 an hr to set this up but frankly you need to know what to tell them and the hours you spend setting this stuff up is easily worth twice the investment in this course.

Frankly those 2 options are just not an option - To start I'm no longer taking any one on one clients - joining me in Systems Smackdown School and my other premium programs is THE only way to work with me moving forward!

Two - are you really in the position to spend an extra $200 - $300 (5hrs a week) miniumum ebery single week PLUS all the time it takes to manage and train a new team member?

I didn't think so. There is another way.

Join System Smackdown School get a Launch and Automations Strategist in your pocket + 4 Fresh Complete Systems (and bonus trainings, never mind the awesome community) sent to you for just $99 a month

Hold UP

yes of course there's a special! There always is!

But it's only for FAST ACTION TAKERS!

This is a brand new program and quite frankly I want to get this stuff in front of as many business owners as possible so there's way more online success stories (yes you, I want you to be a success story!) In order to make that happen I'm going to offer you a very sweet deal.  You can join me in Systems Smackdown School for a mere $49 a month (and lock in that price forever more). The price goes up Monday June 8th.

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